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HydraFacial MD

Radiant glowing skin is your with HydraFacial. This is an ultimate skin treatment that combines cleansing, extractions and hydration all in one treatment.

Advanced medical hydradermabrasion uncovers a new layer of skin with gentle exfoliation, debris from pores with vortex extractions and saturating the skin's surface with antioxidants and peptides to maximize your glow.

  • Face
  • Face and Chest
  • Face, Neck & Chest
  • HydraFacial Detoxify-Extended Extractions with LED (Light Therapy)
    • Face
    • Back
  • HydraFacial with Lymphatic Drainage
    • Face
    • Lymphatic Drainage only
  • Add-on Boosters
    • Anti-aging CTGF (Growth Factor)
    • Dermabuilder (Baby Botox)
    • Brightenol (Intense Hyperpigmentation Corrector)
    • Glycolic/Salycylic15% or 30%
    • LED Light Therapy for Anti-aging, inflammation, Acne and/or Oily Skin
  • Add on HydraFacial Micro Peel

Acne Facial (Face or Back)

We understand the complexity and frustration of acne. Our active approach is to help you get clear.

Customized Facial

Improve your skin with our clinical-grade customized facial that will address your individual needs. Your skin will look and feel its best.

Deep Cleansing Facial (Face or Back)

This facial will leave no pore behind! If your skin is actively breaking out or you have a buildup of blackheads, this facial is for you. You will feel and see the difference in just one treatment.

Sensitive Skin Facial

If you have sensitive skin, redness, rosacea or skin allergies, this facial is for you. Not only will this treatment calm and strengthen your skin, it will also soothe the surface by improving clarity and leaving your skin feeling vibrant.

Rezenerate Facial

Refresh, Restore & Renew your skin with Rezenerate. This powerful anti-aging treatment improves ton, texture and deeply conditions the skin retaining a healthy plumpness while minimizing fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Purchase five(5) treatments, get the 6th FREE

Ultimate Facial

Experience this luxurious ultimate facial combined with HydraFacial. This pure indulgence including ultrasonic cleansing, vortex extractions, 15% sal peel, peptides and antioxidant treatment.

Dermasweep Microdermabrasion

Unique, customizable treatment to exfoliate top layer of skin while improving imperfections and promoting .


  • Dermasweep Microdermabrasion
  • Dermaplaning
  • MIcro Peel

Light Peels


Friday Night Glow. This is a non-peeling peel, for the most sensitive skin types. Even patients with redness and/or Rosacea can have glowing skin.

Blue Tidal Enzyme Treatment

For sensitive, dry, mature, hormonal and overexposed skin. This enzyme treatment is deeply hydrating and healing. Six (6) weekly treatments recommended.

Miami Peel

Lightening and brightening non-peeling peel. Beautifully blended acid peel to help erase sun-damaged skin and hyperpigmentation.


Ultra-light chemical peel that helps provide vibrant, radiant skin with no downtime. Very light micropeel.

Medium Grade Peels

Perfect 10 Peel

Synergistic blend of ingredients that stimulate cells and support collagen production. This peel promotes predictable and noticeable results. Safe for all skin types.

Vitalize Peel

This blend of acids help to rejuvenate your skin, achieving visible improvement. Safe for all skin types. This powerful peel can take years off aging skin.

Heavy Peels

Rejuvenize Peel

Smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. You will see noticeable improvement after just one peel!

Radiance Peel

Restore a youthful glow with this peel. Diminish uneven skin tone, minimize pore size and improve fine lines and wrinkles. Promotes revived, glowing and healthy skin.


Also known as Collagen Induction Therapy, Microneedling is based on the ability of the skin to repair itself. A topical Hyaluronic Acid is applied to clean skin, then the microneedle cartridge smoothly glides across the skin’s surface while creating thousands of micro-channels every second. This will stimulate the skin’s own natural healing process while simultaneously promoting collagen and elastin production, all while delivering Hyaluronic Acid, the building block for healthy new skin.

For maximum results, four (4) to six (6) treatments are recommended.

  • Partial face
  • Full face
  • Face, Neck & Chest
  • Acne Scarring ( 5 to 8 treatments recommended)
  • Partial Back
  • Full Back
  • Abdomen
  • Purchase five (5) treatments, get the 6th FREE.

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