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Why choose kybella®?

Weight changes, poor posture, aging, and genetics are all possible causes of a double chin. Even patients who are within normal weight range can store fat around their face and jaw, creating the illusion of a double chin. The chin area is one of the most difficult areas to target through diet and exercise alone - and nearly 70% of people say they are insecure about the area beneath their chin.

KYBELLA® is a safe, non-invasive, and effective way to get rid of fat under the chin area. Schedule a complimentary consultation.

Once dissolved, the fat removed through KYBELLA® is gone forever. Possible side effects include redness or swelling, but most patients are thrilled with their newly defined profile.

Kybella® Treatment:

When KYBELLA® is injected into the lower chin area, its active ingredient (synthetic deoxycholic acid), works to dissolve fat and achieve desired aesthetic results. Deoxycholic acid is naturally occurring and assists in the breakdown of fat throughout the body. When injected into a targeted area, the deoxycholic acid’s effects are targeted to dissolve fat in that area and that area only. 

In the weeks to months following the procedure, your body will naturally discard the targeted fat cells as “waste” as your amazing results will begin to take form.

It is important that KYBELLA® is injected by a board-certified dermatologist to safely achieve optimal results. Unlike other injectables, KYBELLA® does not require maintenance as fat cells are dissolved permanently. Although results are typically visible after only one treatment, patients may opt for two or three treatments to achieve desired results. 

The number of treatments varies from patient to patient. One of our board-certified dermatologists will help determine how many treatment sessions you will need based on the amount and distribution of your submental fat as well as customizing your personal cosmetic goals. Each KYBELLA ® treatment is injected approximately one month apart and the treatment time is 15-30 minutes.

Kybella® Downtime:

Swelling around the injection site after KYBELLA® treatment is extremely common. Swelling can last 1-3 weeks, but just know that the active fat-dissolving ingredients are hard at work even though the area can temporarily appear more full. Temporary icing and over the counter pain relievers should sufficiently treat any discomfort. Always let your care team know if you have any questions post-procedure. 

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