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Get that Glow with HALO!

Restore the natural glow that sun, time and stress have depleted from your skin over the years. HALO™ is your answer, an advanced laser technology triggering the skin’s natural healing response to eliminate years of damage revealing the luminous glow you had when you were younger. HALO™ is the only hybrid fractional laser that delivers non-ablative and ablative to the same treatment zone to maximize results and minimize downtime. HALO™ can treat areas on our face or body including neck, chest, arms, hands and legs. It is safe for all skin types.

Try HALO™, your skin will love you for it!

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Only with HALO™ can you:

  • Diminish wrinkles and fine lines
  • Improve skin appearance
  • Reduce visible signs of aging
  • Improve the appearance of enlarged pores
  • Improve the appearance of sun damage
  • Even discoloration

Dr. Brian Feinstein is proud to be the only dermatologist in Delray Beach offering this state-of-the art treatment.


  • Customizable treatments to precisely target skin damage and the visible signs of aging
  • Improvement in the appearance of wrinkles, sun damage, and enlarged pores
  • Personalized treatment plans to meet your lifestyle needs

Great Results with Minimal Downtime

In the past, you had to choose between a procedure that offered really great results but required a lengthy recovery, or a procedure with a fast recovery but marginal results.

Now with HALO™ you get the best of both worlds: breathtaking results with minimal downtime. You can even wear make-up the day after your treatment. HALO™ unique hybrid technology combines deep dermal revitalization with epidermal renewal for a combined synergistic effect you can’t get with any other treatment.


Is it painful? The answer is No. A topical anesthetic is all that is needed prior to this procedure. You will experience mild tingling during the procedure and some redness following that will last approximately 2-3 days. Then, slight peeling (sloughing) of the skin to show off that newly glowing younger-looking skin. Your results will last for years to come as long as you continue to keep your new skin protected at all times using sunscreen.

Halo Fractional Laser

Halo Fractional Laser

Get that radiant skin you have been dreaming of with this Award Winning Laser Treatment.

Before & After

Dr. Feinstein will customize a treatment to fit your lifestyle.

Need to be back at work tomorrow?

A light treatment creates smooth, vibrant skin that’s ready for makeup the next day. 

Want to WOW them?

A more intense treatment will give your skin that youthful glow.

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