Earlobe Repair

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Ealrobe repair & filler are cosmetic procedures that restore confidence 

The procedures are performed by our plastic surgeon Dr. Elisman M.D. 

earlobe repair

earlobe filler

Reasons for an Earlobe Repair

Direct trauma or too much weight on the earlobe can cause the sensitive soft tissue to tear. An earlobe split is not only unsightly but can make it impossible to wear jewelry.

Also, certain genetic structural abnormalities, a buildup of keloid scars and certain surgical procedures can affect the shape and aesthetics of your earlobe. But earlobe repair is one of the best ways to reconstruct the soft tissue of your ear to restore the shape of your ear.

What to Expect During My Earlobe Repair

The majority of earlobe repairs can be performed by your dermatologist in under 45 minutes or less. This procedure is done under local or topical anesthesia to numb the treatment area prior to your surgery. Standard earlobe repairs will require us to make a small incision on the earlobe and reshape the skin to create new, defined edges.

Any excess skin or scarring will also be removed during your procedure. While this surgery will require stitches, scaring from your repair will be minor. You will follow-up with your dermatologist one-two weeks after surgery to make sure everything is healing properly.

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