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January 24, 2019
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We live in beautiful, sunny South Florida, where the sun’s rays are plentiful. But there’s a darker side to those rays, which can be unforgiving at times: skin cancer. Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States. Most skin cancers are caused by too much exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun or commercial tanning maps and tanning beds.

Common Types of Skin Cancer

The two most common forms of skin cancer are Basal cell carcinoma (BCC), which accounts for 75 to 80 percent of skin cancer, and Squamous cell carcinoma (SCC), which accounts for 16 to 20 percent. They are usually very treatable.

Treatment Options

Treatment options for skin cancer are based on a variety of factors including location on the body, patient’s age, and type of skin cancer. One of the most comprehensive treatments with the highest cure rate is Mohs surgery (microscopically controlled surgery).  Due to the sophistication of this procedure, doctors are required to undergo additional years of training to become a certified Mohs surgeon.  Mohs surgery is accepted as the gold standard for treating the cancers.

Not all doctors that perform Mohs surgery are certified so you want to make sure yours is. At Feinstein Dermatology, not only is Dr. Brian Feinstein, a board-certified dermatologist, he is also a certified Mohs surgeon by the American Society for Mohs Surgery. Dr. Feinstein personally performs this outpatient surgery in the comfort of our office.

What Happens During Mohs Surgery?

The surgery or technique is performed under local anesthesia and is done in stages in one visit.  It involves removing the skin cancer one tissue layer at a time. After removing each layer of tissue, Dr. Feinstein carefully examines it under a microscope in our on-site CLIA certified, state-of-the-art lab. If any cancer cells remain, Dr. Feinstein knows their exact location and removes another layer of tissue from that precise area. This process saves as much normal, healthy skin as possible. He repeats this process until no cancer cells remain.

How Effective is Mohs Surgery?

Mohs surgery is the most effective technique for treating these types of skin cancers. This surgery can offer cure rates of up to 99 percent. It virtually eliminates the chance of cancer growing back. Like most surgeries, Mohs surgery leaves a scar, while sparing as much healthy tissue as possible. Generally, all post-surgical scars improve with time and we will continue to see you at regular visits to evaluate.

Make an Appointment to See Us

Contact us so we can discuss how Mohs surgery can benefit you. Feel free to write down your questions in advance, so you won’t forget anything. We’re ready to help you heal.  Let us give you the personal attention you deserve. Call 561-498-4407 to make an appointment.